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The In-Game Forums are an in-game Forum that was released with the game.

The Forums are often equated to chatting via forum posts; you often have to repeatedly spam a given message for it to be seen by a large portion of the community.

For statistics, you can visit the in-game Forum and note the amount of posts in each subforum.

In-Game Forums


  1. General Discussion is a place where people chat about anything, including Defender of Texel.
  2. Trades is a place where people share their "LF" (Looking Fors) and "TA" (Trading Away) information.
  3. ID & Add Me's is where people can spam their Invite ID and Friend Requests.
  4. Bugs and Issues is where people can share their technical difficulty with the game.
  5. Tips & Strategy is intended as a place for discussion of game strategy.
  6. Fighters is intended as a place for discussion of Fighters.
  7. Skills is intended as a place for discussion of skills.
  8. Gear & Items is intended as a place for discussion of gear and items.
  9. Boss Forums are discussions of Bosses; though they are generally used for spam.

Search & Hashtags

In Game Forums Search Bar

The in-game Forums support a hashtag system similar to Twitter, all posts marked with a specific hashtag are easily searchable via the search bar.

Furthermore, the search bar also allows you to search specific users and find all their existing posts.

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