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The Texelian Comparison Tool (TCT) is an objective tool designed for quick comparison of fighters to evaluate their worth.

The tool is google doc spreadsheet-based, and as such, it can be filtered for comparison efficiency.

The tool includes the maximum evolutionary form, maximum stats, skill, skill level, final Skill CD only; all other data regarding the evolutionary line can be found on the Wikia.

TCT Link

Up to date:

KhiefTitan's TCT LITE


Intricate TCT

TCT - Under Revision

Very Old:

Texelian Comparison Tool

Rion TCT


Update Requests

If the TCT becomes outdated, please edit this page to request stat or fighter updates in this format:

Name: [[Name of Fighter]]
Update Request: Inclusion OR Stat OR Skill

Here is the list of requested updates:

Atanah-Ili Skill Inspirit not Inspirt