Fighterclass circle
Fighters fall into five distinct classes; Champ, Guru, Rogue, Warlock, and Scout.

Within each class are further subclasses which each serve their own purpose; the subclasses are covered in detail on each respective Class page.

Understanding these classes is a necessity to levying efficiently for Events.


The table below references the official Texelian classes.

Class Name Class Badge


Champ Class-champ
  • High HP, ATK, DEF
  • Natural Skill or Response Skill
  • Moderate Final Countdown
Champ List
Warlock Class-warlock
  • High ATK and WIS
  • Natural or Magical Skill
  • High Final Countdown

Warlock List

Scout Class-scout
  • Balanced Stats
  • Support Skills
  • Moderate Final Countdown
Scout List
Guru Class-guru
  • High WIS and AGI
  • Magical Skill
  • 0-1 Final Countdown
Guru List
Rogue Class-rogue
  • High ATK and AGI
  • Sting or Preempt Skill
  • 0-1 Final Countdown
Rogue List

Class BalanceEdit

In a broad sense, there is a class balance, with some exceptions.

Gurus Class-guru beat Champs Class-champ.

Champs Class-champ beat Rogues Class-rogue.

Rogues Class-rogue beat Gurus Class-guru.


To learn more about each class, visit their page:

While each class page has the universal LG Fighter Ranking system, there exist other Fighter Rankings systems which may offer different perspectives and present rankings in a different manner: