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Welcome! This is Defender of Texel's newest project, a dedication to all the Defenders over the years! There has been a great mass of fan fictions, fan art and best of all, signature art over the years Defender of Texel was active - and we're trying to showcase it all here!

If you miss D.O.T., or just want to keep the history of this wonderful game alive, contribute any art you've done or you've seen around the internet!

If you are an artist showcased here, and you don't want your work here, please let me know, or comment down below! No offense is intended, this is just an homage to the community of D.O.T.!


Title Defender's Wikia
Author Elise Serket
Synopsis Set in Slight Complication, a magical city spawned out of necessity due to widespread Exo destruction, Elise tries to complete the Defender's Wikia but fears it can't be achieved before the defenders are exiled from Texel.
Title D.O.T. Chapter 1: Welcome to Texel
Author YoshiMAN555
Synopsis A Defender loses their memory travelling through an Iris. They arrive in the middle of an Exo raid, but are rescued by a few Texeli - only to be thrown straight back into battle.
Title D.O.T. Chapter 2: Love Sick Xana
Author YoshiMAN555
Synopsis The hero begins to collect supplies and recruit Texeli into their band, but feels discouraged by the unfounded praise he is given and the tales of legendary Defenders that Zar has travelled with.

Visual Art[]

Title Artist Artwork
Ludbert sdmsadism (Warning: some art is NSFW! But still very cute.)
Ludbert by sdmsadism.png
Petoporus sdmsadism
Petoporus by sdmsadism.png
Parvaiz robokit
Parvaiz by robokit.jpg
Enzuna robokit
Enzuna by robokit.jpg
D.O.T. Crossoverdude
D O T by Crossoverdude.jpg
Aestasia Inferna ShadowTaco
Aestasia Inferna by ShadowTaco.jpg
Owina Kuromajinten
Owina by Kuromajinten.jpg
Farideh xXZaleraxXx
Farideh by xXZaleraxXx.jpg
Sandlily koou
Sandlily by koou.jpg
Parvaiz from D.O.T. Defender of Texel! Arkalpha

Parvaiz by Arkalpha.jpg

Aestasia Inferno Ghostykun
Aestasia Inferno by Ghostykun.png
Soucy-Dear Ghostykun
Soucy-Dear by Ghostykun.png

Signature Art[]

Title Artist Signature
Kyurem's Sig

soulreaper2000 AKA Curselax

Kyurem s sig by soulreaper2000.png
Melididouse's Siggy (Improved) soulreaper2000 Melididiouse s Siggy Improved by soulreaper2000.jpg