On 15 May 2015 at 9.00 a.m., a closure announcement was published in the INFO tab in-game. It came several weeks after the last event had run. Due to the removal of premium builds and the reduction of D.O.T.'s activity to bi-weekly events, many fans had already given up on the game. Since there were no premium builds, it was assumed that DeNA was no longer profiting very much from the game, and so the many fans who did stay expected the game to be closed soon. This information had been gained from my personal experience on the community forums - which are no longer online.

One hour after the closure announcement there were two more entries in the INFO tab that encouraged players to log in to Blood Brothers and S.H.I.E.L.D. at which point they should receive "D.O.T. themed rewards" which were available only to players who regularly logged in to D.O.T. over the last few months.

Loyalty RewardsEdit

In Blood Brothers, loyal D.O.T. players were rewarded with a variety of basic items, along with the two familiars Rashabaar and Urhamsi. These familiars are characters present in both Blood Brothers and D.O.T., from the crossover event. In D.O.T. these characters are Rashabaar (Rare) and Urhamsi (Uncommon).

The rewards for S.H.I.E.L.D. are currently unknown. If anyone could provide this information that would be greatly appreciated.

Blood Brother rewardsEdit

  • 2 x Epic Urhamsi
  • 8 x Rare Rashabaar
  • 40 x each stat crystal (HP, STR, DEF, WIS, AGI)
  • 50 x Shades (used as skill fodder)
  • An unknown amount of Gold, Mandrake Leaves, Dried Sage and Elixirs

Closure AnnouncementEdit

It reads:
"Dear Defenders,
Thank you for your continuous support that has helped make DOT Defender of Texel the game it is today.
Unfortunately, we have a tough announcement to make. DOT Defender of Texel will be closing down on June 30th, 2015 and will become unavailable on the App Store and Google Play. Until then, DOT Defender of Texel will remain playable without any new updates.
We look forward to your involvement with other games from our DeNA line-up and hope you will enjoy these as much as DOT Defender of Texel. We are confident you will continue to have a fantastic game experience with us at DeNA. Our game line-up is currently expanding to include new titles in the future so do keep a lookout for them and in the meantime, check out other exciting live games at!
Team of Texel"