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Champs are a Fighter Type designed to take and deal natural, or attack-based, damage.

Statistically, compared to other Fighter Types, they have higher HP, ATK, and DEF.

They will generally have an Elemental Natural Skill (Shock/Scorch/Grime/Drench/Gust) or a generic Smash/Smash All Skill.

There are some existing Champs with unique skills, such as Parvaiz with Squall; Response Skills, skills that activate after being attacked; or support skills such as Inspirit All.


Among the Champs are the various subclasses of Champs, generally based on their differing stat distributions.

The table below references these subclasses.

Class Subclass Characteristics Examples
Champ HP-Focus HP > ATK = DEF Zertnai, Nabu-u-Sabsi, Belili
Champ DEF-Focus DEF > ATK > HP Bit-Nur, Leguminius, Emeric
Champ ATK-Focus ATK > HP > DEF Malakhloros, Nin-Akha-Guddu, Nebuchadnezzar
Champ AGI-Focus HP > ATK > DEF > AGI > 1000 Petoporus, Bronzenail, Tancrevas
Champ Response Skill that activates when hit by skill or damage. Tishpak, Comosicus, Pubba
Champ Immolate Immolate/Immolate All skill. Enheduana, Esfandiyar, Izdubar

Note that Shagaraktiyash is an exception[1].


Since each specific Subclass has a different statistical focus, certain stat-focused Subclasses will have their strengths emulated in certain areas.

The below sections describe their general purpose, with the parenthesis following each statement indicate a specific subclass.


Due to their high HP, Champs are effective against Rogues. (HP-Focus)

Due to their high HP and ATK, Champs are moderately effective against Champs, Warlocks, and Scouts. (ATK-Focus)

Due to low AGI and negligible WIS, Champs are ineffective against Gurus. (AGI-Focus)


Due to their function as a Tank, dealing and taking damage, Champs are relatively useful for subsisting in Dungeons.

However, the constant decrease of the Champ's HP and the increase of the Enemy's HP with progression through the Dungeons eventually accumulates to a large amount of Glu/Duct Tape. (HP-Focus)


Since Raid Bosses are Champs, and Champs superior to available Fighter Champs, Champs are relatively useless for dealing significant amounts of damage.

However, their survival rates against Raid Bosses is optimal. (HP-Focus)

Raid-Focus Champs: Izdubar and Enheduana are Champs with the Immolate Skill that allow them to deal significant amounts of damage to Raid Bosses. (Immolate)

Skill Countdown[]

Champs with an "All" Skill have an initial Countdown of 5 and a final Countdown of 3. Champs with a Single Target Skill have an initial Countdown of 4 and a final Countdown of 2.

There are some exceptions, denoted by * for a 3 Initial Countdown and 1 Final Countdown or ** for a 2 Initial Countdown and 0 Final Countdown in the LG Fighter Rankings below.


  • HP: Increasing HP will decrease Glu/Duct Tape usage in Dungeons. Although there is no existing HP Gear, Healing Gear serves as a possible alternative. This is a highly recommended gear/superfuse option.
  • ATK: Increasing a Champ's Attack may prove instrumental in finishing enemies off. This is a recommended gear/superfuse option.
  • DEF: Due to DEF being a mostly disregarded stat in damage calculations, this is not recommended.
  • WIS: Since the Champ can use WIS in no way, and WIS as a defense against Gurus is negligible, this is not recommended.
  • AGI: Adding AGI will allow your Champ to outspeed other Champs, and may potentially add the chance for a Preempt, depending on the Gear.

Since Champs have higher HP, ATK, and DEF, they are also useful as HP or ATK or DEF superfuse fodder.

LG Fighter Ranking[]

Champs are ranked among Champs of the same Subclass.

Ranks indicates the position relative to other Fighters; Grades detail changes and consistencies in stat differences; All indicates the skill type; and Difficulty relates the general difficulty of maximum self-fusing the Fighter.

[E] is Easy; [M] is Medium; [H] is Hard; and [HH] is Insane.

If there is one asterisk next to a Fighter's name, it has a final Countdown of 1; if there are two asterisks next to a Fighter's name, it has a final Countdown of 0.

For details on (K), see [3].

Rank Grade Icon Fighter Difficulty
1 SS Lagashe Icon Lagashe [HH]
2 SS Abaminsk Icon Abaminsk [HH]
3 S Umma Icon Umma [HH]
4 S Zertnai Icon Zertnai [HH]
5 A Mammetun Icon Mammetun [M]
6 A Rozicrysti Icon Rozicrysti [M]
7 A Gaga Icon Gaga [M]
8 A Nabu-u-Sabsi Icon Nabu-u-Sabsi [M]
9 A Paku Icon Paku [M]
10 B Belili Icon Belili [M]
11 B Mayehem Icon Mayehem [M]
12 C Brandensite Icon Brandensite [E]
13 C Plumandias Icon Plumandias [E]
Rank Grade Icon Fighter Difficulty
1 A Onikys Icon Onikys* [M]
2 A Bit-Nur Icon Bit-Nur [M]
3 B Emeric icon Emeric [H]
4 B Fohncross Icon Fohncross [M]
5 C Leguminius Icon Leguminius [E]
Rank Grade Icon Fighter Difficulty
1 A Tishpak Icon Tishpak** [H]
2 B Comosicus Icon Comosicus* [M]
3 C Pubba Icon Pubba* [M]
4 D Heydar Icon Heydar* [E]
Rank Grade Icon Fighter Difficulty
1 S Nebuchadnezzar Icon Nebuchadnezzar [HH]
2a A Endursaga Sprite Endursaga [H]
2b A Melpomene Icon Melpomene [H]
3 A Nin-Akha-Guddu Icon Nin-Akha-Guddu [H]
4 A Malakhloros Icon Malakhloros [H]
5 A Plecu Icon Plecu [H]
6 A Lidunnamu Icon Lidunnamu [H]
7 A Darrius Icon Darrius [H]
8 A Tideborn Icon Tideborn [H]
9 A Iaazipaa Icon Iaazipaa [M]
10 A IraHypnoticSpecter Icon Ira, Hypnotic Specter [M]
11 A Ksathra Icon Ksathra [M]
12 A Valiander Icon Valiander [H]
13 A Velthur icon Velthur [HH]
14 A Gemeti Icon Gemeti [M]
15 B Ambarender Icon Ambarender [M]
16 C Payam Icon Payam [E]
17 C Vermilitas Icon Vermilitas [M]
18 D Roshanara Icon Roshanara [E]
19 D Lamenkhaur Icon Lamenkhaur [E]
20 D Xsayarsa Icon Xsayarsa [E]
21 D Dablosi Icon Dablosi [E]
22 D Cinouboila Icon Cinouboila [E]
23 D Verdalance icon Verdalance [E]
24 D Mushezibitu Icon Mushezibitu [E]
25 D Wheatsap Icon Wheatsap [E]
26 E (K) Lightbane Icon Lightbane [E]
27 E Tiercelm Icon Tiercelm [E]
28 E (K) Mirza Icon Mirza [E]
29 E (K) Sarosh Icon Sarosh [E]
30 E (K) Tashmitum Icon Tashmitum [E]
31 E (K) Shu-Turul Icon Shu-Turul [E]
32 E (K) Silverclaw Icon Silverclaw [E]
33 E (K) Zirat-Banit Icon Zirat-Banit [E]
34 E (K) Kansbar Icon Kansbar [E]
35 E (K) Harrowfond Icon Harrowfond [E]
36 E (K) Jamshad Icon Jamshad [E]
37 E (K) Balathu icon Balathu [E]
38 E (K) Foolsgold Icon Foolsgold [E]
Rank Grade Icon Fighter Difficulty
1 SS Vashti Endbringer Icon Vashti Endbringer [HH]
2 S Philzerin Icon Philzerin [H]
3 S Zartosht Icon Zartosht [H]
3 A Grimpenius Icon Grimpenius [M]
4 A Tarchumenaia Icon Tarchumenaia [M]
4 A Flakkenbury Icon Flakkenbury [M]
5 A Sirara Icon Sirara [M]
6 A Bronzenail Icon Bronzenail [M]
7 A Petoporus Icon Petoporus [M]
8 A Kuri Icon Kuri [M]
9 A Zalmoxis Icon Zalmoxis [M]
10 A Tancrevas Icon Tancrevas [M]
11 A Namtar icon Namtar [HH]
12 A Parvaiz Icon Parvaiz* [H]
13 B Slateshanks Icon Slateshanks [E]
14 C Decaeneus Icon Decaeneus [E]
15 C Zyraxes Icon Zyraxes [M]
16 C Bel-Sum-Iscun Icon Bel-Sum-Iscun**[2] [M]
17 C Manno Icon Manno [E]
18 C Labashi Icon Labashi [M]
19 D Adrahasis Icon Adrahasis [E]
20 D Keratalios Icon Keratalios [E]
21 D Kastubili Icon Kastubili [E]
22 D (K) Neversaw Icon Neversaw [E]
23 D (K) Drymead Icon Drymead [E]
24 D (K) Komozoi Icon Komozoi [E]
25 D (K) Burebista Icon Burebista [E]
Rank Grade Icon Fighter Difficulty
1 A Izdubar icon Izdubar [H]
2 B Esfandiyar Icon Esfandiyar [M]
2 B Zaidu Icon Zaidu [M]
3 C Enheduana Icon Enheduana [E]


[1]: Shagaraktiyash functions more like a slow, tanking Guru than a Champ, so she is found on the Guru page.

[2]: Bel-Sum-Iscun, while a Champ, is also highly effective in Raids due to his 0 Countdown Unhinge Self skill, similar to Nergal-Sar-Ussur's skill.

[3]: (K) is the K-Estimator, a flat rate to determine max stats for ranking that are unavailable on the Wikia. The equation, involving Pixite Epics, is: Mean( Mean(Max) / Mean(Min) ) = 3.44