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Agaricans, Mycopo and Polypo, are special encounters introduced in the Wild Seed Event, and have become a traditional dungeon encounter. 

These Agaricans hold captives who can be rescued by defeating the agaricans. They can be battled by using either 0 BP, for a 'No Edge' attack, 1 BP for a 150% edge attack, or 3 BP, for a 300% edge attack. Higher Edges give higher probabilities of inflicting damage. Alternatively, you can choose to flee the battle, in which case you will return to your current mission with no side effects.

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When an Mycopo or Polypo is defeated, the captive will first be revealed, then will join your host only when you complete your current dungeon mission.

Captives are randomly selected from a small array of Hero Fighters, Rank Rewards and Power Fodders. The precise array of fighters available is determined by the level of the current dungeon and will be displayed to you before you enter the battle (see picture inset). In general, the higher the dungeon mark, the higher the probability of receiving higher value fighters.

The Tempo Boss[]

The Tempo boss, aka Cybo or the blue Agarican is a special fighter introduced in the Jokers Wild event that spawned 3 times a day, for a period of 3 hours each time, for 5 days. This boss costed 3BP to fight, and could only be fought once every spawnperiod.

The Tempo Boss

If defeated during 5-8am PT, Cybo would drop a Dawnbreak Key.
If defeated during 1-4pm PT, Cybo would drop a Daylight Key.
If defeated during 8pm-12am PT, Cybo would drop an Eventide Key.

To open one strongbox, you would need one 1 each of these keys. Strongboxes contained 1 guaranteed prize along with a random reward. The prizes contained event fighters or fodder.


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The types of Fighters available from Mycopo and Polypo, depending on the dungeon, will be selected from:

  • Epic, Rare and Uncommon Hero Fighters
  • Epic, Rare, and Uncommon Rank Rewards
  • Banunu, Ikuppi